Ole Bearz Bees offers consultation/mentoring sessions for $50 an hour at your location.  Sessions are also available at Ole Bearz Bees Apiary for $40 an hour. For sessions outside of Jackson County, a mileage fee of $1.00/mile, round trip,  will also apply. Sessions include most anything you would like to learn about. Topics which are currently “in season” will be “hands on” as much as possible. For topics “off season” instructions will be verbal, and literature, based. For example, discussing winter prep in July would be considered “off season” as would queen rearing in October. 

Session fees allow you to bring up to two people, or a family unit, (i.e. Mom dad kids), but group classes will be billed per every 2 people. This can be a great way for to “split the cost” with another beekeeper. It is highly recommended to have a “list” of questions prepared to make sure your time is spent in an efficient manner.  There is a one hour minimum charge for educational settings and billing is every quarter hour after the first hour. I can appreciate your interest in learning beekeeping and I’m confident you will appreciate the time spent with me learning about your bees. 

I am a chemical free beekeeper, so I will not be discussing chemical treatments in any way. I believe each person should make their own determination of how they will manage their hives and I don’t want anyone to be disappointed when I don’t advocate for the chemical treatment of bees. I will discuss what I do regarding IPM (Integrated Pest Management).

Sessions will be scheduled and will usually occur on a Saturday or Monday, unless other arrangements have been made. All sessions are on a first come and first served basis and session fees are due upon the conclusion of the session.

*Ole Bearz Bees, DOES NOT provide safety, or beekeeping, gear so it’s important to have your own gear for classes.